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Innovator of the Year

Sustainability and responsibility have played a decisive role in our development as a company for many years now. With the move to our new building complex in Mannheim in 2019 cyber-Wear entered into a new era and redefined its corporate philosophy. This philosophy is based on sustainability, social responsibility and quality management.

cyber-Wear is aware of its responsibility towards the environment, its employees as well as suppliers and customers, and has set itself the goal of driving forward the subject of sustainability and raising it to a new level. One result of these efforts is the newly introduced category "Innovator of the Year" as part of the PSI Sustainability Awards, the sustainability prize of the promotional products industry. 

As of 2021 Category 8 - "Innovator of the Year" - will be established as a special new category. This category focuses on sustainable products and their history. The consumer should be able to learn about the history of the product, its components and the composition of the materials. They should also have access to information about the production facilities and the people who make the goods. And, of course, about the product's ecological footprint and the journey it takes to reach its destination. The focus will be on the motives behind sustainability, as well as the ecological and social responsibility that the partner companies assume for their production and manufacturing facilities with all their employees. The new special award category therefore not only honours the individual sustainable product, but also the sustainable context in which it is embedded. 

Companies can apply separately for the category "Innovator of the Year". Valid certifications in the areas of quality management, environmental management and social management must be submitted with the application. The application should consist of a sustainable product and documentation of both its history and the sustainable value chain which is involved. The companies in the value chain also have to show corresponding certificates in the fields of economy, ecology and social responsibility. 

The prize is awarded in the nine categories of Economic, Environmental and Social Excellence, Environmental and Social Initiative, Sustainable Product and Sustainable Campaign, as well as Innovator of the Year. The company with the highest total number of points is the winner in Category 9: "Sustainable Company of the Year". 

Innovator of the year Innovator of the year Innovator of the year Innovator of the year