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Tuesday, 02-08-2022

Well done, Lukas

Today we are celebrating Lukas Ränk. The apprentice warehouse logistics specialist from Hemsbach has successfully completed his training at cyber-Wear and will be staying with us as an integral part of our team.

We congratulate him and say: "Thank you, Lukas!"  Lukas completed his apprenticeship this month and we are happy to welcome him as a permanent member of the cyber-Wear family! 


"I would be happy to do this apprenticeship all over again - from the onboarding to the team spirit, the working equipment, the customers and the products.  Every day is different and that's what makes the job so interesting.  At cyber-Wear there is variety all the time and there are always new challenges to deal with," says Lukas.  We also support his participation in the volunteer fire brigade and think it's great that he's involved in such an important organisation at the same time.  


During his apprenticeship Lukas got to know the areas of incoming goods, the high-bay warehouse, AutoStore, Storojet, order picking, shipping and outgoing goods in detail, and was actively involved in all of them. He will continue to work in these areas after his apprenticeship.  We wish you all the best, Lukas, and a good start to your professional life!