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Mustang Meeting Swiss // 2. - 4.8.24

Monday, 06-02-2023

The universe says hello!

Of course, the intergalactic community could not be left out at PSI, so the cyber family did not hesitate for long and brought in a real astronaut in the blink of an eye. Because what would the Cybergroup Space Agency be without an astronaut? Cybergroup Agency?

Networking and at the same time maintaining an existing network is essential for us at cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH, because only as a team can you expand your horizons and make previously unattainable goals possible. That is why the cooperation with Robert H Clausen, whose family member works at cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH, (personnel number 1, Inga Clausen), was completely natural and ran smoothly thanks to a lot of communication. As CEO of Expo-Star GmbH, we knew we were in good hands with him, as this was by no means his first trade fair event. 


As a child, Robert H Clausen was already involved with astronomy and made the "dissemination of popular astronomy" his mission. He has already had exhibitions in all neighbouring German-speaking countries, so he naturally has an immense amount of experience in this field and provided us with the perfect complement to our PSI Café art exhibition.  


Unique and perfectly adapted to our theme, the spacesuit on display provided a thrilling attraction and created the setting for a multitude of cosmic snapshots. It then stood there for all 3 days of the trade fair, receiving all the astonished looks with open arms and becoming a well-known sight. 


With this in mind, many thanks to all those involved and our "new employee" who made this discreet yet significant upgrade for the PSI Café possible. Who knows what the future holds, maybe PSI will see the astronaut again soon...but that is written in the stars.