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Tuesday, 31-01-2023

BeachCup l 17.6.2023

Sunday, 24-07-2022


Or what we have in common with a model aircraft

To celebrate the cooperation between DB Schenker and Lufthansa, cyber-Wear has developed a total of 3 models of the Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft.  The original 63.7-metre-long cargo plane, which weighs up to 347,800 kg when fully loaded, is available as a model on a scale of 1:500, 1:400 and 1:100 respectively. 


According to Lufthansa the B777F, which has a maximum load capacity of 103 tonnes, is the most environmentally friendly, efficient and largest two-engine cargo aircraft in the world. 


But what does cyber-wear have in common with a model aircraft?  Models are, all in all, very detailed objects.  They are an exact copy to scale of their larger counterparts.  Every model is developed with the demand for perfection and any deviation, no matter how small, is recognised by the collector and subject to critical complaint.  Every detail must be exactly right.  Just like cyber-wear.  We don't do average.  We aim at perfection in detail.  We pay attention to the smallest things, sometimes moving mountains and pushing the limits of what is possible.  Because just like the collectors in the case of a model, it is our customers who come to us with the highest demands, and these have to be met or even surpassed.


And in the case of the Boeing 777F, we even go one step further. 


Just as the Boeing 777F is an efficient aircraft, we are an efficient company!  With our AutoStore, for example, we have the most modern and fastest warehousing equipment and operations.  This saves us space and enables us to supply our customers efficiently and fast. Almost with the speed of flight!