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Tuesday, 31-01-2023

BeachCup l 17.6.2023

Thursday, 10-11-2022

Peak season – let’s go! 

At cyber-Wear, the end-of-year business is already picking up speed in October because the order books are full to bursting. Here we go, the final push for 2022! 

We really have lots to do at the end of the year because this is our peak season, and the time when most products are sold. Some of our most popular customer gifts are calendars. We offer a range of different versions, from table plans, through to three-month calendars, up to annual planners – and of course, these are designed by the customer. The calendars are then packaged and dispatched individually.  


But this is only the beginning because Christmas presents – more distinct and unusual than you could imagine – come on top of that. Every customer wants to make their colleagues – or even their own customers – happy at Christmas, and look sharp! That means hundreds more packages which have to be finished.  


And then come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shop orders hurtle to dizzying heights thanks to discount campaigns. 


Luckily we gained 16 new employees this year. After all, we need all the help we can get right now.So here we go, into the end-of-year business! 


Together we can do it! #cyberteam