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Tuesday, 24-01-2023

Paris Club back at the PSI only

cyber-Wear displays unique works of art from the Vernissage 2020 in the PSI Café. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, visitors were given the chance to discover the promotional product industry’s passion for detail.

We still like reminiscing about how unique, exclusive and successful the Paris Club’s vernissage at the PSI 2020 was. After the first day of the trade fair, more than 180 invited guests made their way to the cyber event, which to this day, still remains a unique and unforgettable experience. The cyber team greeted guests with a French flair and a cyber touch as soon they entered the hotel. VIP event wristbands were checked in front of the Eiffel Tower to make sure only invited guests were let in for the evening. High up on the 17th floor, they were then granted access to the exclusive Paris Club bar which had been transformed into a private art opening by the cyber team. The spectacular view over the entire city of Düsseldorf made it the perfect location. The bar quickly filled up, and people were in a good yet curious mood, while they strolled around taking in all 42 pieces of artwork. 


The cyber team did a great job of integrating the 42 works of art into the bar beforehand, ensuring that they wouldn’t get in the way and even concealing some of them slightly. Only the most keen guests who paid very close attention discovered all 42 works of ark, which were sometimes displayed on tables, on the bar counter, behind the bar, on the walls, on shelves, suspended from the ceiling or integrated into the window. Art could be found everywhere. 


Our top partner suppliers were responsible for the works of art. What started out as a small idea to create works of art that would then be auctioned off to donate the proceeds to a good cause eventually turned into an entire vernissage with no less than 42 works of art provided by suppliers from all over Europe.  


We quickly realized back then that it would not be the last time we exhibited the works of art, and then finally the time came along with the PSI. All works of art were given a worthy showcase in Café Forum, where both those new to art as well as those with some experience could enjoy them in peace.