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Deutsche Bahn celebrates 25 years of emergency management in Fulda - cyber-Wear was there with

On Saturday, 25.06.2022, cyber-Wear was in Fulda at the open day of the Deutsche Bahn emergency management organisation. offered visitors the opportunity with a mobile shop to experience for themselves the quality of the articles and to purchase them on the spot. 


The event took place on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the DB emergency management organisation.  On the invitation of Deutsche Bahn many interested visitors attended the event.


They had the opportunity to take a close look at special vehicles, emergency cranes and a rescue train.  It was also possible to take a ride in the driver's cabin of a rescue train locomotive and view an ICE simulator.  Also present were emergency services from the Fulda fire brigade and the Technical Relief Organisation (THW).  In addition to an exercise on the hazardous goods instruction train, visitors were able to watch the rerailing of a locomotive by crane. 


The facility in Fulda is one of a total of six nationwide.  The Deutsche Bahn emergency management is represented here by about 45 employees who are on standby day and night to respond to railway accidents.  In the event of an emergency the fire brigade, rescue service and emergency doctors are deployed in the rescue train according to a specific alerting plan.  Damage following severe weather events is also one of the possible deployment scenarios.


With the open day Deutsche Bahn aimed to provide an insight into the efficiency of its emergency management services.  The event was held on the premises of the DB maintenance depot right next to Fulda railway station.  The aim was to look back on the past 25 years and at the same time to celebrate the cooperation between the local emergency response units and Deutsche Bahn.


This is also what cyber-Wear understands by full service:  to be on the spot at events like this and to represent the brand!  And how proactive cyber-Wear is in this respect, even after almost 3 years of pandemic without such occasions, is demonstrated by the fact that we were also on site at a second event, the Ford Mustang Event in the Harz Mountains.