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Tuesday, 31-01-2023

BeachCup l 17.6.2023

Tuesday, 22-11-2022

Next level: STOROJET

Following the construction of our first automatic warehouse and commissioning system, AutoStore, in 2020, and the major expansion two years later, we have now reached the next big milestone.

STOROJET: A multi-storey racking system that makes optimum use of a room’s height, floorspace and geometry. This racking system, which is extremely flexible to construct, connects several levels via lifts and enables energy-efficient robots to transport product carriers to so-called commissioning stations. The picking stations for goods withdrawal by the commissioners have a design that is just as versatile as the overall racking system. STOROJET functions in a similar manner to AutoStore, with the only difference being the size of the products in storage.


The STOROJET has been built in our warehouse over recent months and has been in the set-up and testing phase since October. It is expected to go into operation in January.


Our STOROJET offers storage space of 770m² over six storeys on a footprint of 327m². This amounts to an unbelievable 1,958m² of racking and, therefore, twice the storage space that normal picking racks would offer in the same place. Two high-speed lifts, 72 robots and 2,650 product carriers have been installed. The STOROJET can be operated using three ports.


STOROJET is a real space-saving miracle, which has taken our warehousing to a whole new level and thus enabled a significant optimisation and automation of many processes.