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Monday, 11-10-2021

Make new things from old

Together with the Berlin designer Daniel Kroh, cyber-Wear developed a collection full of unique items from old Deutsche Bahn corporate clothing. This is how easy it is to turn old into new.

We're living in an age in which issues such as sustainable materials, recycling and, for that matter, upcycling, are becoming ever more prominent and significant. In keeping with our sustainability policy, we're all for supporting an exciting new project which runs along those lines. Speaking of lines, that's exactly what it's about. In collaboration with Deutsche Bahn, we have developed a unique design collection made up of old corporate wear. And this isn't just a concept. No, what we've ended up with are some unbelievably cool and unique designer pieces that you're guaranteed not to be able to find anywhere else. The key to these unique parts has been upcycling.


Deutsche Bahn has switched over to a new design for its corporate wear, which is why the clothing they have used to date has now effectively become worthless. But not to us. Instead of throwing items of clothing which are in some cases in great condition or even completely new into the next available charity bag, we hit upon the idea of designing our very own special collection. So we started looking for a designer who was ready to put our basic idea into practice. We found what we were looking for in Berlin. In cooperation with Daniel Kroh, a completely limited collection with special one-offs was created. The collection includes special pieces such as a bag, a skirt or a hip hat. For the little train fans there is even a plush teddy that is made entirely from rPET bottles and also wears an upcycled uniform. It is also strictly limited and requires quick ordering.


The whole collection is a unique project of which we are very proud. It is without question a striking opportunity to make effective use of clothing which has outlived its purpose. This collection is the perfect poster child for a practice of sustainability that is both ultra-modern and stylish to boot.


If you want to know more about Daniel Kroh, you can find out more at