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Tuesday, 17-01-2023

Intergalactic mission successfully completed!

After just under five days in space, the CSA Academy’s manned “Orion” capsule landed, as scheduled, late in the evening of 12 January 2023. Steven Baumgaertner, the CSA Academy Flight Commander, proudly declared the mission an “historic” event.

10 January 2023, Düsseldorf Messe exhibition centre. A whisper runs through the PSI halls: Just what is that black cube behind the PSI TV studio? A giant astronaut floats in space, immediately captivating each and every visitor and proclaiming: Welcome to our Universe!  


More astronauts adorn the walls of our base station, and if you look closely, you’ll find all sorts of new, carefully selected products in the CSA Academy design. From classic writing implements – well, not exactly classic, we offer something a bit more special than that, after all, to fine textiles, top-quality Bluetooth speakers and design elements such as floor lamps and sustainable candles.  


But that’s not all, because our mission is to show just what promotional items can do and what is possible. That’s why you’ll find our CSA design featured on each and every product each and every day of the show, from morning to night. In the morning, we greet our customers with our very own coffee – the best there is, in our opinion, served by Christoph, our very own barista, of course, in a unique CSA cup with special glaze and mirrored effect. Then it’s off across the trade fair with our Mission Specialists, supplying water bottles that you can fill up with fresh water from our dispenser and coffee-to-go cups for a second coffee on the go. 


At lunchtime, we’d all gather back at base station for an out-of-this-world lunch. A lunch that was not only exceptionally tasty, but also an exceptional eye-catcher – ever had Zander’s black veal (“white”) sausage with silver mustard before? 


Our constant companion on our mission: our CYBI. Green, with much too big a head, big round eyes and a small tummy, it captures every heart, and is our very own invention.  


In the evening, we’d send our customers off with one of our shiny silver trade fair bags. Full to the brim with practical gadgets, from a notebook and Rubik’s Cube to a microfibre cloth and a cap. All of which in the CSA design, of course. Each trade fair bag also contained a mini astronaut. Simply pull off its head and ta-da – it turns into a USB stick! Holding all the secrets and finds from our mission. 


Pssst – look here:


What a great way to launch the new year. And long may it continue!