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Tuesday, 31-01-2023

BeachCup l 17.6.2023

Wednesday, 08-12-2021

Get to know STOROJET!

One innovation follows the next. The next big milestone is the installation of STORO, our efficient new warehouse system. We will be able to welcome it to the cyber team as early as the end of the first quarter of 2022.

For some time now we have been looking for an optimal storage system, which on the one hand will help us to store products that are too big for Autostore, and on the other will accommodate all items of the customer collections whose volume of goods doesn't fit into our Autostore system. In line with these requirements we came across STOROJET, an automatic storage and order-picking system made in Germany! The highly flexible shelving system connects several levels via lifts, and makes it possible to transport goods containers to the picking stations with the help of energy-efficient robots.


On approx. 327 m2  of floor space, STOROJET offers 771 m2  of storage space on 6 levels. It has 2 high-speed lifts, 54 robots and thus enables us to handle up to 2,160 picks per day. This STOROJET system is a real workhorse!


STORO's workstation is located directly under our sales desks and extends over the entire area. We'd all like to have that much space to work, right? In return, the special order picking area will be moved to our Design Lab and will also cover the entire area there. Not only STORO will be newly installed in the warehouse, but also a second separate packing area.


This is another huge project that will once again raise our warehousing to a new level, enabling us to achieve the highest levels of optimisation and automation. No goods and no volume of goods will be too big for our indefatigable new colleague STORO. We're already looking forward to welcoming him as a capable full-time member of the cyber-Wear team towards the end of the first quarter. All his colleagues in the warehouse can't wait to master further big customer projects together with him.

Bye for now!