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Thursday, 09-02-2023

Full speed ahead

New year — new momentum. To kick off the new year, three new employees are entering the fold at cyber-Wear. The key account managers are twice as strong and our new People & Culture manager is now going full steam ahead.

Ladies first: As People & Culture Manager, Christiane Englert is the first to assume this role. Human resources tasks have completely changed over the past decades. These days, much greater focus is placed on the personal needs of applicants or employees. Our guiding principle is to put people front and centre while offering them the perfect corporate culture in which they can work with motivation and creativity. People & Culture has a lot to do with authenticity, honesty and openness — precisely the approach that Christiane Englert lives by. Diversity, future work and corporate culture are topics that are very important to her. Christiane Englert brings many years of experience in leadership and cooperating with colleagues and staff. A trained business correspondent, she completed her master’s degree in intercultural management. 


For these two individuals, the ability to satisfy top customers, serve as a constant contact and work with a strong service-oriented mentality are part and parcel of the job. And because they aren’t strangers to the sector, they can perform these tasks very well. We were able to recruit two new key account managers to start the year. That’s because even though the last few years have been turbulent, we’ve managed to land some new customers — but more about that later. 


Jennifer Behrens comes with many years of sales and key account management experience under her belt and will be looking after our new customer Knaus Tabbert with immediate effect. With her knowledge, she knows how to use sales strategies properly and how to analyse the markets. Maintaining relationships with customers and solving problems are par for the course for her as well. 


Stefan Zimmermann will be the new man for our international customer CNHi (Case New Holland). He brings over 23 years of expertise in international sales, team management and consulting to the table. Working closely with our colleagues at Cybergroup UK, he will now expand and intensify the business relationship with CNH. 


The best opportunity to get to know our sales department and the team better was at the PSI trade fair at the beginning of January, where the two key account managers were already serving as core staff members. 


We hope you all have a great start. Rock it!