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Thursday, 07-10-2021

Canoeing and chatting

In our latest podcast, Steven Baumgärtner takes the helm while canoeing on the Alster with Timon Feld, managing director of the full-service agency PERFECT GIVINGS.

This still young agency focuses on the topics of rewards and incentives - making it easy to show employees that they are valued. During the interview on the water Timon Feld describes the development of the concept, which had previously existed as the brand of a Hamburg agency, but which his team developed into an independent company.


Motivating and showing appreciation for their employees makes companies more successful in the long run. Timon Feld recognised the market potential of the reward system, and saw it as the basis for his long-cherished dream of starting his own company.  Doubts are an inevitable part of such a new start-up, but he has not regretted the decision for a single day. There are dreams that simply have to be realised. 


What Timon sees as particularly positive in his first few months in charge of his own company is the opportunity to make his own decisions, to change direction if necessary, and to be surrounded by an equally enthusiastic team. On the other hand it can sometimes involves a lot of worrying, but as Steven Baumgärtner confirms, that doesn't change even after 25 years of running your own business.


With his own team Timon Feld relies on open communication and flexible working. Even though they often have their own full service, his customers appreciate PERFECT GIVINGS with its customised solutions as the perfect complement. The agency provides them with a cool instrument for employee appreciation, including uncomplicated processing and cutting-edge, high-quality reward ideas from which employees can choose exactly what they like best. Timon's personal favourite reward is currently a tablet with its owner's name engraved on it.


The partners in the conversation paddled and chatted for almost three quarters of an hour without even getting out of breath. Thanks for the interesting insights, Timon!