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Tuesday, 07-02-2023

BeachCup – It’s that time again

In the summertime, when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky... La, la, laa. Yeah, finally it's that time again. BeachCup, you can come. We missed you!

The finest sand, exciting rallies, highly motivated teams, thrilling beats, thunderous spectators, lots of fun. We don't need to say any more. 


“Play + fun + party = BeachCup”. That has always been the perfect formula for a great weekend, and finally we can use it again. Because - IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! After a few years of deprivation and trepidation – finally we can play, party and have fun again, the way it should be! 


Friday is the day of arrival, team training and barbecuing. Being together, chatting, training, motivating, sticking together, that's the BeachCup. And as a matter of fact, it always takes place in bright sunshine, with a cold drink and of course good music. This is how the motivated teams train, sometimes until sunset, and then wind down the evening together. 


Saturday – it's now time to get down to serious business. Concentration – kick-off is at 10 a.m. and that means giving everything. Then comes this moment: “17/06/2023 - for the ninth time beach volleyball, hello Ketsch – finally it's that time again!” A great host will be there once again to welcome you after such a long time. The teams will once again enter the arena to their own theme music and be greeted by a roaring crowd and the cyber cheerleaders. The first games in the four arenas of the court sponsors will not be a long time coming and will start immediately after the teams have entered. The teams themselves can't wait either, because after weeks of hard training and after so many years of break from competition, everyone will be very well prepared for the tournament and keen to win the trophy. There will be lots of motivation, cheering, clapping and applause. And everyone wants only one thing: the cup. 


As in previous years, the motto “Play + Fun + Party = BeachCup" will feature prominently. During the tournament, there will definitely be a lot of partying and this will of course continue in the evening at the Player's Night. 


At the last BeachCup in 2019 (come to think of it: a 3 years’ break – unbelievable!) the Volksbank Kurpfalz team "Smashing Bankers" in particular had a lot to celebrate. They fought their way through the tournament to the final with a lot of skill. After the "Bärenbande" from Magna sweets, the defending champions, had been eliminated in the semi-finals, the "Smashing Bankers" played against the "ATLANTIS Angels" in a worthy and very close final for the winner's trophy. In the match for third place, the "Bärenbande" won against the “Mahlwerck Chiggers". 


It makes us a bit sentimental to think that we haven't been able to celebrate a legendary BeachCup for 3 years now – but the waiting is over for beach volleyball: on Saturday, 17 June 2023, we'll be smashing the volleyball through the air and finally celebrate the 9th BeachCup together again! 


We are really looking forward to it!