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Tuesday, 08-11-2022

Baumgaertner joins GWW board

Elected as Chair of the Board on 26 September, Steven Baumgaertner, CEO of cyber-Wear, is the new face and new beacon of hope for the German Promotional Product Association (GWW). He brings with him a great deal of enthusiasm and team spirit, as he pledges to make the association fit for the future.

cyber-Wear has always – for 28 years now – trodden its own path. Steven Baumgaertner, who considers himself a networker, believes that: “We can only move this industry forward if we work together.” In multiple talks with both suppliers and valued retail associates, everyone agreed that the association needed a reset, a fresh perspective. Steven Baumgaertner was therefore asked if he would like to stand for the position of Chair of the Board. 


And as Steven Baumgaertner in principle loves a challenge and sees an opportunity in everything, he said yes. Many associates, suppliers and friends from the industry have promised concrete support: from being elected to the advisory board to agreeing to share information, offering to be a sparring partner or promising financial assistance.


As a result, everyone agreed “let’s do it”, whereby the everyone here is key. Because the association will only be successful in the future if everyone works together. So: Let’s do it!


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