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Wednesday, 30-11-2022

CSA Talkinar - Nils Buntrock

Wednesday, 14-12-2022

CSA Talkinar - Clemens Arnold

Tuesday, 10-01-2023

PSI 2023 l 10.-12.1.2023

Monday, 27-06-2022

2022 PSI Sustainability Awards Gala

At long last we are once again able to greet one another in person and exchange ideas live. The 2022 PSI Sustainability Awards ceremony showed just how valuable this interaction is. cyber-Wear attended with its own film and social media team and captured these very moments.

Sustainability is the megatrend that will shape the 2020s like no other.  And this is also being put into practice, because the future of the planet is synonymous with the future of mankind.  Its preservation is probably the greatest challenge in the current era, and has long been the target of both the political and the business worlds.


Many companies have long been intensively concerned with the issue of sustainability.  This involves improved manufacturing processes that save important resources, the application of multi-use products or the re-use of existing materials, to name just a few improvements.  The best solutions are honoured at the PSI Sustainability Awards Gala.  All nominees are challenged once again to do even better and win the award next year.  At this stage it should be pointed out that everyone can contribute to greater sustainability with their projects, no matter how small these may be, and that together we can achieve a great deal.


Many thanks, dear Petra and Michael, and a big thank you to the entire PSI team for organising and carrying out these important awards.  Dear jury, thank you for your critical insights and for examining all the certificates and seals.  These show once again how important this subject is to our industry, and how passionately we engage with it every day.


The Innovator of the Year award was not presented this time.  Quite simply because Covid threw a spanner in the works.  But we're back in full swing now, and the first ideas have already been put forward for discussion.  Do you have an idea yourself?  Then simply get in touch with us!


On the occasion of this great evening Steven Baumgärtner made the trip with his entire film and social media team.  We recorded the entire gala and captured some wonderful moments.  Those who were there can look forward to reliving the evening.  And all those who were unable to attend have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this amazing occasion.


Following a small excerpt from the gala evening: