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Trainee programme

An excellent education is the best foundation for your successful career start. Particularly if, in addition to theoretical knowledge, you have also gained some initial practical experience.


As a global player, we are represented worldwide. Depending on your course of study and our current projects, you could complete and internship with us in the fields of business, technology or information technology. Thanks to a balanced mix of theory and practice, we guarantee that you will collect project experience in addition to valuable professional expertise. Individual agreements regarding your objectives and a concluding meeting upon achieving these objectives will provide information about your personal development. To get a broad insight into our company, you should be available for at least 3 months; however, the optimum length of time would be 6 months. After an internship in Germany, you will have the opportunity to absolve an internship in one of our subsidiaries abroad and to get to know Cybergroup International.

We are looking for students with a high degree of personal motivation and expertise knowledge in your fields of studies. 

If you are interested in an internship with Cybergroup Int. please do not hesitate to contact us.

Part-time employment

As a part-time employee, you will have the opportunity to support our different divisions with projects and short-term tasks. By working on day-to-day activities as well as on projects, you will get a very good insight into our operations. In contrast to an internship where “active learning” has the highest priority, we expect from you, as a temporary employee, to support our team wherever needed. Together with your department you can arrange your work schedule flexibly.


If you are looking for an opportunity to write your scientific thesis practice-oriented, Cybergroup Int. is the place to be. You will receive all the adequate professional and technical support you need. You can send us a proposal of the topic you would like to work on and in a next step you can discuss the topic with the particular division/department.