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Day after day, we work for the success of our customers around the world. Companies with high standards, ambitious goals and real passion. We are in a state of upheaval and are consistently developing ourselves. That's why we are strengthening our teams and becoming more agile. Cybergroup International offers you flexibility, an innovative and modern working environment, individual freedom and internationality.




In order to be prepared for the future, we started to create an innovative environment for inspiration at the beginning of 2021 and give you space for exchange and networking. Our goal is to give you the freedom to work independently and at the same time to be able to rely on a global work environment. We have set ourselves the goal of creating framework conditions in which work and private life are in balance. That is why we are continuously expanding the range of services for you and creating attractive working environments. With a variety of options, we enable you to be flexible in your everyday work. We want to make you fit for the challenges of the future and develop and promote your skills through a modern work environment, tailored to your specific needs!

In these challenging times, the safety of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority. We continue to hold interviews and hire new colleagues. For security reasons, this process takes place either over the phone or via Microsoft Teams. We have also adapted our onboarding and familiarization process due to the current situation.