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„Complying to our corporate philosophy Cybergroup is exactly the right partner for us!
Thanks to Cybergroup we are in the position to develop and implement advertising media concepts, nationally and globally.“

Wolfgang Simonis
Director Corporate Procurement - CPO

TUV Rheinland AG

TÜV Rheinland is a leading international service provider in the areas of safety and quality, and has been a Cybergroup customer without interruption since 2007. The mission of this company with its global workforce of nearly 20,000 and branches on all continents is the sustainable development of safety and quality wherever people, technology and the environment interact. As a result, the promotional articles created for TÜV Rheinland must feature a correspondingly high level of quality. This is a further reason why Cybergroup was, in 2009, one of the first companies in its industry to have itself certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008.


150 years of TÜV Rheinland | Let's party!


TÜV Rheinland is celebrating its 150th birthday. 150 years – now that’s an announcement! What 150 years means to them: “We see ourselves as a partner for new technologies because we make innovations successful through safety. Yesterday it was steam boilers, today it’s renewable energy, tomorrow it’ll be artificial intelligence. True to the motto: we make the future that bit safer. We pay particular attention to services that contribute to a more sustainable economy. This is how we want to continue to grow in a profitable way.”


Of course, we have to celebrate this anniversary properly, so we created a collection of very special anniversary items in the TÜV Rheinland anniversary design. Of course, we couldn’t do without this little gem: a pin in the anniversary design to proudly show off to the outside world. Which you can do with pride because the pin is gold-plated and features the TÜV logo. For sustainability, post-it notes come in three shapes: heart, lorry, and lightbulb. To go with this, we created a ballpoint pen made from rPET material in the anniversary design. One highlight was taking the time to create the anniversary ballpoint pen: matt black meets gold, making it look particularly classy. The 4-in-1 mousepad made from rPET material is also sustainable. This can not only be used as a mousepad, but also as a screen cleaning cloth, a screen protector or a glasses cloth. Super versatile and really practical! In addition to gummy bears and peppermints, a hand sanitiser, a paper carrier bag and a key ring with infinity loops also round off the 150 years collection.


Custom-Designed Football | 

European Soccer Championship 2016

EM Frankreich

The European Soccer Championship kicked off the idea: with an elaborately designed football, Cybergroup has developed a promotional article for TÜV Rheinland which is sure to score big points with almost any target audience and take the lead in the competition. Nothing conveys emotions better than this major summer event! And even if your team doesn’t make it this time: a football lasts, and lasts, and lasts.

Promotional Article Range | Safety first!

The range of promotional articles developed by Cybergroup on behalf of TÜV Rheinland consists entirely of quality-tested products. They have to meet the high quality requirements of a company that stands for quality and safety more than almost any other. To adequately convey its brand message, many of the products are “Made in Germany” or “Made in Europe”. Even products developed in-house are tested by Cybergroup and only added to the portfolio once they are certified.


Individual PLAYMOBIL® Figures | A Classic Toy Reloaded


Cult toys with a new look: Cybergroup has developed an original PLAYMOBIL® set for TÜV Rheinland consisting of a male and female inspector, each wearing the original logo on their helmet and jacket. PLAYMOBIL® has always been known for representing a wide variety of occupations in its line of toys, which help shape what children aspire to be when they grow up. Who knows, in future years, children may dream of becoming TÜV inspectors one day rather than Cowboys and Indians!

Standard Articles Set New Standards | Yes to Lanyards, No to Boredom

Made from blue and white cord with the TÜV brand prominently displayed on the textile label, the lanyard developed by Cybergroup scores high marks for its eye-catching design. Innovatively packaged in an aluminium can that looks like a small tin of food and is opened via a pull tab, it’s living proof that even the most common of promotional articles doesn’t have to be boring if presented properly.


Online Shop | Shopping Experience x 3!


The Cybergroup online shop for TÜV Rheinland has three levels: using an SAP-based OCI PunchOut solution, an interface to exchange catalogue datasets, shopping carts can be compiled and sent to the TÜV’s dedicated SAP system. On the second level, the shop system works as a password-protected platform for foreign subsidiaries that aren’t connected to the SAP system. And last but not least, it serves as an open shop for TÜV Rheinland employees.