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„We have been working together closely for years now and have carried out many exciting projects. Cybergroup has come to know us and our demands for quality so well that not much needs to be explained any more. The design and colour of special productions are always reliably implemented“

Anna Bornemann
Global Brand Management
Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

The partnership between Sennheiser and Cybergroup has now been in operation since 2003 in an atmosphere of mutual confidence. This family company, which is based in Wedemark in the Hannover region, is one of the world's leading providers of overall solutions in electroacoustic products, systems and services. In line with the company's own standards of quality and innovation, the Cybergroup articles produced on behalf of Sennheiser are also creative and always one step ahead – both in the field of promotional articles and staff clothing, as well as with product-specific additions such as CI-compliant audio splitters for individual headphone models. 

Keeping hold of memories | Notebook with single-use camera

Notebooks are anything but boring.  Quite the opposite, they can be conceived in unusual and individual ways, depending on their intended use. But this notebook, which comes with a single-use camera, really is something special. The idea behind it is to provide a notebook where people can now collect all their impressions and memories in one place. Events such as weddings, birthdays, company anniversaries or holidays are always popular occasions where people take lots of photos. And of course, amusing bon mots, private jokes and laughs abound. In order to capture all of these impressions together, there’s now a great new way to keep hold of your memories – both words and images.


A single-use camera is attached to the notebook. It allows people to take quick and easy photos during an event. The notebook features special pages to add the photos and annotate them with entertaining comments to commemorate the occasion. For company events, for example, there are special pages reserved for colleagues. Who could forget the friendship books that we used to pass around to our friends so they could answer questions about themselves and note down a few inspiring thoughts? When we read them again today, they give us some of our funniest and happiest childhood memories. The pages for colleagues work in the same way: first you add a photo of them, and then your colleagues can fill in their name, place of work and fun fields like “What I like about you” and “Special moments together”. On other pages you can, for example, capture your own magical moments in pictures and words.

75 years | Sennheiser

75 years is a long time, so this is a very special anniversary.  It needs to be properly celebrated – with employees, customers, friends and fans. cyber-Wear has conceived some cool and practical merchandise especially for the company anniversary. This of course includes a T-Shirt with large lettering and the company logo in Sennheiser blue. Another key element is the ultimate in rucksacks. The large drawstring bag with zip pockets on the sides, a cord drawstring and a loop to carry it will make a great companion – both casual and cool, it also has an amazing amount of space inside. The package is rounded off by a key ring, a notepad and a notebook with a single-use camera to allow the user to keep hold of all those lovely memories with both pictures and words.

Black Line | Black is the New Black

To celebrate Sennheiser’s 70th anniversary, Cybergroup gave the company’s entire range of promotional articles a design makeover. Whereas the company’s signature blue colour scheme characterised its corporate identity for many years, the 2015 corporate redesign prompted the promotional articles to be reissued with black as their new primary colour. Even so, Sennheiser’s signature look and feel still shines through in details rendered in blue.

Black Line

Promotional Licorice Wheels | Wireless Chewy Treats

Das andere Kabel

A classic chewy kids’ snack to promote wireless headphones: for promotional campaigns advertising a wireless solution, Cybergroup produced 10,000 individually packaged licorice wheels for Sennheiser. “No cable needed. Just eat it.” - an invitation to snack that jokily refers to tangled cables, which was printed on each of the packages in the Sennheiser CI. Unrolling and eating these delicious treats is also tangle-free!