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Porsche AG

Since June 2017 cyber-Wear has been operating on behalf of Porsche AG as the lead agency in the purchase of promotional goods for the launch of new vehicles and equipment of their retail markets. As a purchasing agency with a supervisory function, cyber-Wear is responsible for all special promotional goods for worldwide projects in this framework.  This includes, for example, determining country requirements, the tender process, quality management, support for service providers during production and through to logistics. Cyber-Wear advises Porsche on the selection, development and manufacture of the products, provides its own designs and monitors compliance with corporate identity specifications. Correspondingly high quality premium lifestyle products and sales-promoting advertising at the point of sale are the results of this cooperation.  With Porsche, one of the most exclusive and sporty car brands in the automotive industry with more than 27,600 employees worldwide relies on cyber-Wear.

Porcelain collection | ICONIC DESIGN AWARD

Porsche Iconic Award


This great collection was developed and produced in collaboration with Porsche and the long-standing partner Mahlwerck. With nine categories, the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior provide a forum for the whole world of interior design. And guess who won an award? The ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Interior – what exactly is the idea behind them? These awards focus on the world of interior design.  Their aim is to discover the best products in each different area and present them with awards. The competition is directed at all companies working in the fields of fixtures, fittings and furnishings, as well as their partners in interior design. The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior expect companies to take an all-embracing approach to design: furniture, light fittings and bathroom fittings have long since stopped being seen as stand-alone features – instead they are viewed as constituent elements within an overall design concept. An enormous amount of effort and care goes into the design of each of the individual elements of these all-encompassing interior worlds, from the light fittings, door handles and crockery through to room dividers and furnishing fabrics. And we were able to impress the judges! From more than 500 submissions, the Porsche range of tableware came through as the winner of the ICONIC AWARDS 2021 in the category Kitchen and Household.



The new Macan | A genuine sports car among SUVs

Porsche Macan


The young series of Porsche is said to be genuine sports cars among the compact SUVs, with unique driving dynamics and a superior level of comfort, and great fun to drive. The new MACAN is once again their sporting figurehead in this product category and makes a convincing impression with its typical Porsche performance yet with a high level of suitability for everyday road use. The new Macan feeds the driver's hunger for new experiences. Cyber-Wear is supporting this message with a multi-function cloth and an ice towel for sporting activities, a survival bracelet for unforeseen events that may crop up in the course of an adventure, and a tear-resistant, folding holdall for everyday use and to take with you on the road. In the Porsche centres, you will also find seating cubes, window stickers and sign spinners in use. For the first time, cyber-Wear has also set up a photo box in the showroom which is intended to arouse the sporting spirit of interested customers and create some entertaining memories.





Panamera GTS | Unique performance

There will be some new and powerful additions to the Porsche Panamera family with two new GTS models which offer a unique 

Panamera GTS

performance package. The Panamera was selected as Sports Car of the Year in 2017 and awarded the "Golden Steering Wheel" – the "Oscar for cars". As a genuine sports car with a convincing overall concept, it also provides enough space for a shoe bag with a shoe horn, thanks to the generous amount of storage space. So you can carefully store your patent or polished leat her shoes during the journey around the tight curves.





E-Performance | A new generation of sports car

E-performance is Porsche's answer to the question of how to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In spite of electric mobility, Porsche has set itself the goal of not losing the thrill when driving a sports car. Efficiency, connectivity, adrenaline. All this is Porsche E-Performance.


And more: more performance, of course. E-performance is supported by cyber-Wear, for example with an all-in-one charging cable and a cap with integrated Bluetooth headphones - perfect for the mobile, performance-oriented driver of tomorrow.


70 years Porsche | Sportscar together

For 70 years now at Porsche, everything has revolved around the fascination of sports cars. 70 years ago, with the Type 356, Ferry Porsche realised his dream of sporty motoring. The unmistakable emotional design, phenomenal driving performance and future-orientated suitability for everyday use can all be found once more in the future project ‘Mission E’, in which Porsche demonstrates its desire to live this fascination for the next 70 years too.


Porsche wants to share this feeling with the entire world, and is therefore staging numerous activities. These events are being promoted by lanyards and VIP passes, badges, drinks containers, sports bags, sticker sheets, bunting, vinyl stickers and children’s newspapers in 10 different languages, all of which have been developed by cyber-Wear.

The new Cayenne | Dreamsharing

Five doors that are open to every adventure. With a new dynamic design and efficient new turbo chargers. With outstanding digital networking that brings the whole world into the cockpit. With versatility, quality and new groundbreaking assistance systems that offer drivers and passengers exceptional comfort. And yet the new Cayenne remains a real sports car.

cyber-Wear has developed eleven sporty and high-quality lifestyle products for the new Cayenne. These include a snack bag, a children's newspaper, large floor stickers and LED balloons, fitness armbands, yoga mats, paintable cups, sports drinking bottles and Tea2Go bottles with a neoprene cover.

718 GTS | "Kurvenhunger" 

The new 718 GTS models make you want more: more adrenaline at the start; more bends per kilometre. With a performance-enhanced mid-engine, and a chassis that doesn't shy away from a hairpin bend. It shows its teeth, possesses real bite and never loses that hunger!

The following GTS 718 articles have been created in the "curve lover" design: a boot bag with a practical Velcro fastener for  attachment in the boot or floor area for the stowage of small articles, a branded knife from RICHARTZ and a set consisting of a notebook and disposable camera, so that the most beautiful landscapes and twisting roads can be captured in fast-paced looks.