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Wednesday, 30-11-2022

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Friday, 22-07-2022

trend ending or trend reversal?!

André Berger - a man who stands for zeitgeist and fashion, and looks at them within the context of our modern lifestyle. On his travels around the world he always tries to find out what is currently occupying people.

In the process everything is in a constant state of flux.  Depending on trends and hypes, new business models open up while others have to give way.  Cinema or Netflix, or maybe Amazon?  Or will cinema soon be "Netflixed" out of existence?  It all depends on the latest megatrends, each of which also has its own countertrend.


In order to document these changes, André Berger runs the Dachmarkenforum brand platform together with Josef Roosen.  Here the two record in pictures the changes that take place in the retail sector, restaurants, concept stores and with large formats.  The aim is to document how the customer journey is made interesting.  And they do so worldwide!


Our world has become a very fast-paced place.  The ability of us humans to concentrate is diminishing: a YouTube video only lasts a few minutes.  The question is whether this needs to continue in this way.  Fast fashion is something to be called into question, for example. This speed is not only overburdening the supply chain, but ultimately also the customer. 



Here today, gone tomorrow.  Louis Vuitton, for example, built a concept store in Los Angeles that only lasted four months.  During this time the New World was presented there.  However, this is not the only example presented by André Berger.  Many stylish shops that were still around in 2019 have since closed their doors.  The corona pandemic has obviously claimed its victims here as well. 


Collaborations in the fashion world are also interesting.  This can be intriguing when two brands do it in a humorous way.  For example, in their collaboration Balenciaga and Gucci make fun of each other.  Such collaborations are often only temporary, but ultimately this is also what makes them interesting. 


All of this is about people, says André Berger.  And that's why brands have to take their products to people, to customers.  That's why even e-commerce businesses are now opening shops where people can experience the real thing. 


Want to experience for yourself how the world is changing?  For André Berger, the current place to be is Los Angeles.