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Thursday, 03-11-2022

Our biggest show ever!

Preparations have been underway for months for this one trade fair: bauma 2022 in Munich. The world’s premier trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. 4 shops, 4 teams, 10 till systems and over 700 products!

It’s only ONE trade fair, BUT we were there for FOUR of our customers. Let’s start from the beginning: a shop or a trade fair booth always means a lot of preparation, planning and organisation, and now we’re doing all of that times four. Exactly, a superlative effort, but we wouldn’t be cyber-Wear if we couldn’t make it happen. 


There are four shops with 10 till systems. 16 employees who, with eight different languages spoken between them, can serve almost every customer fluently in their mother tongue. Now hold on to your hats: we transported a total of over 100 pallets with more than 700 different articles to bauma in several trucks. 100 PALLETS! 


Order picking was already a huge challenge due to the enormous quantity, and then all pallets had to be divided up among the customers, brought to the individual warehouses and staged attractively in the four fan shops. 


But who were the four fan shops for? The shops were set up for our customers Putzmeister, Sany and Wacker Neuson, with the largest shop being for the Wirtgen Group with a total of 7 brands. In every fan shop, visitors found a large selection of merchandise, all of which we also offer online. From textiles such as T-shirts, hoodies and caps, to collectors’ models and practical gadgets, to mugs and children’s items, there was something for everyone. 


5 days of set-up – 4 fan shops – 7 days at the fair – pure motivation! 


Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the main organiser, who pulled all the strings and kept an overview of all the shops, all the articles, the planning, the staff – simply everything. THANK YOU and a huge compliment to Olaf, you did a great job! Of course, a big thank you also goes to everyone who helped out and made this quadruple trade fair participation possible.