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Monday, 04-07-2022

New Ford Lifestyle Collection

The new Capsule Collection series "Miami Vibes" heralds the high summer of 2022 and makes the hearts of Mustang fans beat faster. Based on a '63 Ford Mustang Convertible and featuring a cool UV effect, the clothing collection brings real Miami retro feeling.

With brand new hoodies, T-shirts and caps, the Ford Lifestyle Collection series "Miami Vibes" from Ford Europe appears just in time forsummer. Color selection and design -with the silhouette of a '63 Ford Mustang Convertible at the center -are reminiscent of the US cult series "Miami Vice" -summer feeling included.  


The special feature: The innovative printing process by cyber-Wear guarantees an unmistakable retro look with UV effect. Actually kept in black and white, the print shines in UV light day and night in the typical turquoise-pink Miami style. The collection is rounded off by a large beach towel, a water bottle, a floating keychain, a lanyard and last but not least a cool coffee mug.


Who wants to get itself with the "Miami Vibes" collection the feeling of summer, liberty and sun into the own closet, can access starting from 4th of July in the Ford Merch Shop under