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Friday, 06-05-2022

MOOT now on

MOOT - Made Out Of Trash is getting its own exclusive brand world in This means that Deutsche Bahn passengers can double their commitment to sustainability and redeem their BahnBonus points against environmentally responsible MOOT products.

The Berlin upcycling label MOOT recycles discarded textiles and puts them back into circulation.  It designs new, fairly-priced mainstream clothing.  During his training as a fashion designer Nils, the founder of MOOT alongside Michael, gained many insights into the fashion business and became increasingly aware that the clothing industry gives very little thought to the environment or the climate.  "Things can't go on like this", he thought to himself.  No sooner said than done! The big goal of the two founders is to reduce clothing waste and to give used garments a second, completely new life.


As the winner of the DB mindbox start-up programme, MOOT was last November given the opportunity to design a retail space at Berlin's Ostbahnhof station.  With this initiative DB mindbox promotes new regional and ecologically conscious solutions for railway stations.  Even after the successful completion of the programme, Deutsche Bahn and MOOT remain in close contact and have continued their successful cooperation.  Accordingly, after the concept store at Ostbahnhof and an article in "DB mobil", the next milestone now follows: a MOOT brand world in the Deutsche Bahn shop. 


MOOT products are made entirely from existing textiles.  For example, bed linen from the waste clothing container is given a second life as a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt.  By placing them in its online shop Deutsche Bahn is making MOOT's sustainable and unique upcycled items available to its passengers.  These can be purchased with BahnBonus points, for example - thus closing the loop from environmentally conscious travel to resource-saving outfits.


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