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Tuesday, 31-01-2023

BeachCup l 17.6.2023

Tuesday, 29-11-2022

It’s a 2 for 1 extravaganza: Two Christmas parties in one year

This is how we do it: In the midst of the hottest phase of the year, the Christmas business period and prep work for PSI in January, cyber-Wear is treating itself to a second Christmas party this year!

Every year in the weeks running up to Christmas, phones in the advertising industry are ringing off the hook at best, email inboxes are overflowing, and logistics are in full swing. Throughout the year, creative ideas are collected, presented and implemented, so that, at the end of the year, you’ll find a whole range of classic and innovative promotional product ideas under the tree. Thanks to several storage facilities at different locations and a large, flexible team, cyber-Wear is able to handle complex and extensive orders, all in addition to its day-to-day business.


During all the fanfare surrounding that pre-Christmas period, cyber-Wear is also deeply immersed in preparations for the PSI trade fair, where the company will once again have its own lounge and host PSI TV to boot. It’s unbelievable when you consider what our team manages to do in the run-up to Christmas!


In July this year, the Christmas party from the previous year was celebrated at a barmy 32 degrees. And because, in addition to all the Christmas business we’ve got going on, we also just want to sit together with a glass of wine, this year, there’s going to be a Christmas Party No 2 right on time! Just like the hard work that entails a lot of overtime before Christmas, it is enormously important for the sake of team spirit to connect outside working hours, too. THANK YOU, cyber-Wear!