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Thursday, 24-11-2022

HELLA and DB Schenker: large calendar assortment for 2023

As is the case every year, the automotive supplier HELLA and the logistics service provider DB Schenker have once again given thought to the coming year and have exclusive calendars on offer. Production and logistics go worldwide via cyber-Wear!

Every day in the workshop is different: Sometimes it's nice and easy, other times hectic. Sometimes things go wrong. Yet still you stand together as a team, you enjoy your work and you give everything to get the customers' vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. Passion leads to success! And HELLA shows this passion in their 2023 workshop calendar: Repairs of older models and both current and future technologies. 


With its new calendars, HELLA also wants to lend you a hand. Let the workshop calendar guide you month by month through twelve exciting motifs dedicated to our most important and valuable tool. The cool combination of images from workshops around the world and motivational slogans create an inspiring atmosphere at work. What's more, the calendar is extra-large and in landscape format, so it will definitely look good in your workshop. HELLA offers both wall calendars measuring 594x420 mm with 12 monthly pages and desk calendars measuring 210x376 mm. The calendars will be available in eight different languages. So go ahead, grab one and spruce up your workshops! 


DB Schenker goes one step further: With almost 100,000 calendars in seven different designs, the logistics service provider is sending a clear signal. As with HELLA, production and logistics are handled entirely by cyber-Wear. Crazy, isn't it? DB Schenker is considered a pioneer in sustainable logistics, which is also evident in the new calendar campaign. The motto of this year's campaign is: "on a way to a sustainable tomorrow". The new images show, among other things, an all-electric Volta truck that completed a test run with DB Schenker in September and represents 100% sustainability. "our mission: 0 emissions" is the title of this cooperation. In taking this route, DB Schenker wants to draw special attention to what makes them special and what they stand for now, but especially what they want to stand for in the future. 


The various calendar campaigns start with a classic 4-month wall calendar, which will be available in 33 x 100 cm. Additionally, the 3-month desk calendar measuring 10 x 18 cm and a desk calendar measuring 298 x 105 mm are perfect desk companions. The book calendar measuring 14.6 x 20.8 cm, the credit card calendar measuring 5.9 x 9.2 cm and a small pocket calendar measuring 9.5 x 16 cm are similarly small. In addition to the small calendars, there is also a large poster wall calendar with the format 100 x 70 cm. GREAT. Now that's a selection!