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Tuesday, 31-01-2023

BeachCup l 17.6.2023

Monday, 28-11-2022

From cool to cult

On 30.11.2022, at 1:11, we will have the pleasure, together with Nils Buntrock, the marketing manager of Harley-Davidson, of getting a deeper insight into the extensive but by-no-means boring topic.

Of course, the avid motorbike fan was busy in the field of e-mobility even before his time at Harley-Davidson and passionately represented the Audi and Bugatti brands, among others. At 31, Nils graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Marketing and Communications. This year in February he even won, together with Harley-Davidson, Gold for "Best Corporate Event" for the "EMEA Press Launch Event of the H-D Sportster S.". He has focused heavily on his e-portfolio in his career to-date and is, therefore, looking forward to expanding it extensively with Harley-Davidson. To make a long story short: As an enthusiastic motorcyclist, Nils Buntrock puts his heart and soul into his work and it really shows. 


A distinguished expert in marketing strategies, Nils is the right man to give us an in-depth insight into the evolution of brands over time. Especially since climate neutrality plays a major role in this topic, Nils will be able to perfectly showcase the experience he has gained. And by the way, Nils started his career with no other company than our very own! It's crazy how small the world can be sometimes. 


Mark your calendars for this exciting Talkinar so you don't miss it. See you then!