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Wednesday, 30-11-2022

CSA Talkinar - Nils Buntrock

Wednesday, 14-12-2022

CSA Talkinar - Clemens Arnold

Tuesday, 10-01-2023

PSI 2023 l 10.-12.1.2023

Tuesday, 12-07-2022

Ford Lifestyle Collection @ Harley Days

Harley Davidson meets Ford Lifestyle Collection at the Swiss Harley Days in Switzerland, a major motorbike event.

The idyllic city of Lugano on Lake Lugano provided the perfect backdrop for the largest motorbike event in Switzerland.  Not just the magnificent lake as the background setting but also the rides through picturesque Swiss landscapes make Lugano the ideal starting point.  More than 100,000 fans were expected to bring their bikes, with a great programme and a variety of exhibitors, activities and attractions laid on to entertain them.


Our event team was also there, complete with the Airstream, Ranger and a lot of Ford Lifestyle Collection, because starting this year the two icons from America have been working together.  And who is responsible for this?  We are!  We initiated the cooperation because we believe they are a perfect match and complement each other.  So Ford is now officially a mobility partner and supports Harley Davidson with a number of Ford Rangers at many key events in the DACH region. 


A very special highlight at each event is the shiny silver Airstream, which displays a variety of items from the Ford Lifestyle Collection.  You might think that Ford merchandise would be totally out of place at a Harley event, but quite the opposite.  The sun shone non-stop and everyone was in great spirits - in other words, an all-round terrific event!