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Promote. Develop. Shape the future – flexible, digital and sustainable

EXCUSE US – It’s 2023! A time that, at the latest after the pandemic, is perceived as the time of digital transformation. And due to this digital transformation, everyone is experiencing an enormous push into the future. We are, too! #THEFUTUREISMADENOW


cyber-Wear has created a digital learning platform! The so-called cyber-Academy comprises three major areas in education and training.


The cyber-Academy begins with an onboarding process, whereby the employee is easily and quickly integrated into the company, after which professional training courses, as well as specialisations, are presented that, upon completion, award certificates concerning various seminar topics. But that is just the beginning…


Employees have access to the cyber-Academy 24/7. Employees can flexibly determine their own learning pace and times. This digital classroom offers the following advantages:


  • Maximum flexibility:
    Access your training courses anytime and anywhere – via laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Overview of your personal learning progress:
    Which tasks have already been completed, and which activities are still pending – the status of your training courses is clearly displayed.
  • Multiple functions:
    Numerous interactive tools promote collaboration and learning.
  • The best of all worlds:
    The cyber-Academy combines the employees’ know-how with further educational opportunities and specialisations.


Our knowledge and competence are based on more than just our practical, expert experience of almost 30 years. It’s even better than that: We also use the know-how of our partners, which then flows 100% into the cyber-Academy! This includes various manufacturing processes, finishing methods, product presentation innovations, and more. We combine external and internal expertise, combining knowledge from the most diverse minds.


Therefore, the knowledge of all employees is permanently increased with first-class, customised training courses to create added value through not only this but also the joint exchange of knowledge. We can consistently guarantee high-quality and professionally trained employees through regular knowledge exchange and constant enquiry.


We can and want to be the #bestinclass. That is our claim. And we live up to it. Because the topic of digitisation has only just taken off. We are excited to see where our journey with the academy will take us, as this launch is just the beginning of a new era at cyber-Wear – cyber-Wear goes academic.


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